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Italian design, European quality, Local manufactory


Awning the Italian way: this is our mission, transmitting the core values of Made in Italy, research and passion for what we do.
Find out more about BAT internal production chain: components and systems for awnings designed, engineered and produced entirely in the Noventa di Piave plant, near Venice, Italy.


The first step concerns the creation of the mold, that is, the result of a preliminary stage of study and engineering. In fact, the company, in order to get a component, deals with the design and self-creation of molds that return the raw product ready for subsequent machining. The company has a 3D printer for prototyping the details and their verification before the components are manufactured.


The next step involves machining components in special machines for removing small blemishes on the surface of the component, sandblasting and sanding of each piece. This approach ensures total control over the output standardization and conformation of output components and the removal of production errors.


Pre-treatment involves 5 stages of washing and chemical treatments before painting. Thanks to this phase, a painted component after 5 years is not scattered even in challenging environmental situations, for example in seaside locations. The test of time is on the part of products leaving the BAT Group plants.


BAT Group's industrial coating is a refined process for decades that makes the product eye-catching and durable over time. The coating is therefore of a high level, requires many steps and several drying steps to ensure a great effect and functionality.
Assembly is the final part of the process. This phase benefits from the know-how BAT Group has since its founding in engineering and engineering. In fact, BAT Group designs every single piece internally and engineers the way it is done with which machines and technologies and materials. Consequently, each complex product system is made up of components that have no differences or imperfections, but their design consistency ensures optimum operation during assembly.

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