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Cassette folding arm awnings

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With a smooth form that reflects the light and a striking design, the full cassette awning has been designed by the BAT Research and Development team. It blends superior technical performance with modern lines that mirror the latest architectural trends. The wide range of folding arm awnings caters for a wide range of needs, depending on the project and installation space.

EPICA is one of the top models: a full cassette awning designed by Robby Cantarutti. It’s particularly eye-catching thanks to its harmonious shape and integrated LED lighting across the cassette box, creating a spectacular effect across the outer silhouette.

BAT’s awnings full cassette parts designed for the outdoors all have three key similarities: they have been designed following in-depth research, been manufactured with top quality materials and are guaranteed for long-term performance. All of the full cassette awnings are of the highest quality, as they are products that have been exclusively made in Italy.